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  • Let us help you get into shape

    find out more about how we can tailor build
    a program that suits you and who you are

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  • Put your body back into action

    Massages help put your body back into it's original
    shape. Help remove pain, discomfort and stress.

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  • Personal Trainer Program

    This program has the Personal Trainer you have always needed to :

    • Push you ...
    • Motivate you...
    • Encourage you ...
    • Support you ...

    Through the new journey of transformation within your Body, Mind and Soul. 

    When it comes to our everyday life we seem to find ways to procrastinate and just forget about ourselves...
    Or we think about everyone else before ourselves...

    Well we only live once and it is great to help others ,but we must remember who we are or who we want to be , and remember we must see ourselves as number one ...

    When it comes to joining successful pursuits programs...

    1. There are no more excuses... 
    2. We always find a way to make it happen...
    3. It is very important to make time for yourself,If you really want to enjoy what life has to offer ...
    4. When it comes to our fitness program...
    5. We get excited !!!


    We learn more about ourselves and remember what we once were like and how much we would like to be that way once again. 

    The truth is you can be !!! Or even be better !!!...

    With the Australian Institute in fitness education in Certificate 3 and 4, I am excited in being able to give quality advice and programs to help you live a healthier lifestyle .

    So when it comes to the Health & fitness program this is what you can expect from Successful Pursuit 

    We start off with your consultation...
    Which includes assessing your bodies well being in the follow ways: 

    1. Weight management ...
    2. Measurements...
    3. An assessment of your bodies physical abilities.
    4. History checks on present or past injuries or conditions that may effect your ability to complete certain physical tasks in the program.
    5. You will have the whole program explained to you in detail of what you will be doing and how this will change you for a better road ahead... This also gives you time to think about the requirements and commitments you will have to make.
    6. You may have some bad addictions you want out of your life and you just need that support and right program to accomplish it.

    Of course getting to meet each other one on one is always a nervous meeting for anyone who wants to make a better life for themselves ... you want to make sure you are comfortable with your personal trainer. That this is the right move for you before you make the commitment to yourself to Progress forwards with Successful Pursuits program.

    Our program is an out door based environment with activities in small groups to give opportunities for new friendships and new perspectives with lifestyle changes which develop through out the duration of the program...when the weather is not so nice we have one on one programs to train indoors with your personal trainer. 

    Are you...


    • stuck in a slump or just need the right push to get started
    • looking for someone to help keep you motivated towards your fitness and health goals 
    • looking to lose weight and understand that it is what you put into yourself that will give you the desired results within and outside of yourself. 
    • someone who understands that it is up to you to make it happen and if you want help, direction, support, motivation or guidance then you need to take control and make it happen, as you deserve to feel awesome, great, confident and happy within yourself .


    If you could relate to some of the things above, call and make a booking to come and chat with our personal trainer and get a health consultation to see where you are and where you want to be. Then you can see if you are comfortable with who we are and whether we can help you achieve want you want to be.

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