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  • Testimonials

    Taryn Gollshewsky (August 2015)
    A year ago today I was in Glasgow representing my country and doing what I love. I'm so thankful for that opportunity and I'm also so excited for the future. Thanks to YMCA Bundaberg, Successful Pursuit and Bundaberg Massage Therapy and the incredible Linda at Bundy Limes for helping make this moment happen. 

    Carmen Duncombe
    I walked in a drugged up cripple and the next day i just felt AH-MAZING!! Next time i am up i will be booking in again!! I haven't had that range of movement in my shoulders since pre club softball days(which was a lifetime ago)! The only place i had bruising was on my hip/butt LOL but everything else was fantastic! I have finally started my journey to a healthy life so i'll be looking forward to seeing you next time I'm up there! Thank Again! 

    Rebecca Amy Jenner
    Just had another massage from Maria. Feeling better and better each time as I go to her more frequently. Muscles relax quicker from her treatment and recover faster as well. Maria has helped my training so much and continues to keep me injury free!!

    Morgan Faul
    Amazing work with both massage and PT!! An so lucky to get amazing results from Marias magic!!!

    Paul Nelson
    Facebook Video Testimonial about weight loss with Successful Pursuit 

    Chantelle Nelson 
    Testimonial I was on a four week program with successful pursuit and lost just the right amount of weight i had set for my goal .
    Bundaberg Massage Therapy is recommended by:
    Matty Sing (NRL)
    Allan Davis (World Cyclist)
    Rebecca Jenner (Triathlete)
    & many more.

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